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Audience Insights Tracking

Gain a deeper insight into digital behavior with our audience measurement tools.

Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence™ behavior tracking delivers clarity and deeper insights by passively metering how and what people consume on PCs, smartphones, and tablets. No matter what industry your company operates in, you can capture what your target audience is doing online, as well as identify the “why” behind digital behaviors. This unique blend of insights enable you to effectively target and engage with your audience.

Bridge the Digital Gaps

Find the audience insights you need across different devices and digital platforms.

With ZQ Intelligence™, you have unique visibility into an individual’s cross-platform media consumption and shopping journey. Our granular data extraction capabilities allow you to access a wealth of data across devices and platforms.

Our permission-based panel ensures that you see the digital behaviors of your actual target audience members based on criteria you define. You can select and screen using demographics, brand usage, product usage, program viewership, attitudinal propensity and much more. We provide an outstanding user experience and passively observe digital behavior to ensure normal consumer activity at all times.

Find Your Full Solution

As a complete single-source solution, our audience measurement tracking tools go beyond digital audience tracking.

By incorporating survey data and qualitative research, ZQ Intelligence™ captures the full picture of your target market’s online behaviors as well as offline behaviors. During the digital tracking period, consumers are sent Trigger Surveys when they visit a specific website, app, or brick-and-mortar store/venue. This gives you valuable insight into the consumer thought process and, ultimately, why they do or do not consume a particular content or make a purchase.

With our digital behavior measurement system, you can dig deeper into the interests, desires, and attitudes of the target consumers most relevant to you.

Access Profound Insights

ZQ Intelligence™ makes it easier than ever to understand your audience’s digital behavior.

Using our audience measurement tracking tools, you can combine 24-7 digital tracking with qualitative research,survey data to give a complete and accurate overview of your target audience’s digital profiles.

With ZQ Intelligence™, you will can trust to have the essential insights to understand how consumers behave and how to best influence their decisions and their relationship with your brand(s).

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