Digging Deep in Cross-platform Viewer Data

The Problem

The SVOD landscape is a complicated place to gather data. What types of videos/programming are users watching, when are they watching, and on what devices and platforms? 

A client wanted to understand their target consumers’ activities on YouTube in order to use this data to guide their strategy on video content creation and find out what advertising channels they should be focusing on.

Our Approach

We pulled six months of historical data from 6,000 targeted individuals using ZQ Intelligence. We looked at what genres these consumers were engaging with on YouTube, what they were searching for, and what and when they viewed the content. 

Our client had strong data to guide their media buys and content creation that mattered to their target.

The Outcome

The first 3 genre categories are identical and in the same order among males and females. The first differences appear in the next few genre categories, “gaming”, “sports” and “auto & vehicles” where there were over 10% more male viewers than females.

Another difference was discovered in the total duration of video consumption by genre. For men, 12% of video duration was spent in the “people & blogs” genre, for women this number climbed to 20%.

73% of the “people & blogs” audience watched these videos on a PC.

Using these findings, our client was able to define a one-year strategy for video content creation and media buys to best reach their target audience.

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