Audience Insights

Gain deeper insights into digital behavior with our audience measurement tools. As a complete single-source omnichannel solution, the unique blend of niche-specific insights that ZQ Intelligence® uncovers can enable you to effectively identify cross-platform media consumption among your target audience.

Our granular data extraction capabilities allow you to access a wealth of data based on criteria you define, whether it’s media consumption, ad effectiveness, or streaming video-on-demand measurement.

ZQ Intelligence® Can Filter By

Ad Exposure


Brand & Product Usage

Program Viewship on SVOD Platforms & YouTube

Search Behavior

ZQ Intelligence® Can Discover


Identify the ideal time and digital medium for reaching your target market.


Learn about the stories consumers tell and use them to craft an effective advertising/marketing campaign.


Leverage information on your audience’s digital profiles (interests, desires, attitudes) to drive sales for advertisers.


Get the full picture of your target audience’s online and offline behaviors.

ZQ Intelligence® for SVOD Measurement

Collect and analyze title-level viewer and audience data for videos watched across mobile phones, tablets, and computers to help inform your content creation strategy and content distribution partnerships. SVOD measurement also offers the information you need to make better decisions about licensing content and subscription-based platforms versus traditional ad-support television. After all, your audience may behave differently in a non-ad environment they control like Netflix.


Unearth title-level viewer and audience data for videos watched across all devices.


Gain intelligence to inform content creation strategy and determine content and distribution partnerships.


Uncover insights on content strategy on subscription-based platforms vs. traditional television.


Observe audience behaviors in a non-ad environment where the audience is in control of the content.

ZQ Intelligence® technology collects and examines leading streaming video on demand (SVOD) services and video entertainment apps (i.e. Netflix, YouTube, Disney Apps) across all devices. This is done with two critical technical capabilities. The first is the ability to track in-app data including encrypted data to pinpoint the viewing events. The second establishes a comprehensive library of show/movie titles identifiable with their codes used by the video service provider. The data access opens the door to observing audience behaviors in a non-ad environment, like Netflix,  with the audience having more control.

ZQ Intelligence® for Ad Effectiveness

Connect ad exposure with changes in digital behavior. Is someone more likely to search for the product, visit the website, or convert after exposure? There’s a way to measure the effectiveness of your digital advertising beyond surveys and cookie tracking.

ZQ Intelligence® Can Measure


Determine the influence of digital ad campaigns on consumer behaviors online.


Diagnose ad campaign strength while in flight.


Measure the performance of different types of ads (video or display) across device types.

ZQ Ad Effectiveness taps into these existing digital tracking technologies to determine exposure to a digital ad campaign without relying on self-reported ad recall, a time-intensive cookie set up, or limitations on mobile.

Use digital tracking to accurately identify exposed respondents across digital campaigns.

How it works:

  • Use client–provided ad tags to match against ZQ Intelligence Digital Panel of 20,000-30,000 people monthly
  • Exposed respondents and a similar sample of unexposed respondents are identified in the ZQ Intelligence Digital Panel
  • A custom survey is sent to both audiences to measure brand metrics relevant to the business and research objectives
  • Option to analyze digital behavior of exposed versus unexposed to determine if digital ad exposure drives desirable digital activity, like visiting advertiser website, time spent on advertiser website, search activity for the category, and more
  • Analysis of survey and digital data offer robust and accurate ROI measurement
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