Customer Journey

In today’s multidevice and multimedia world, customer journeys are far from linear. Without understanding what’s going on in the mind of shoppers and the nuances of the path to purchase of your target market, it’s difficult to keep marketing efforts on track.

Don’t ask consumers what they do. See it for yourself.

Our proprietary technology, ZQ Intelligence®, is a single-source omnichannel behavior tracking solution with minimal intrusion.

ZQ Intelligence® passively tracks a permission-based panel of users 24 hours a day, over your chosen period of time across multiple devices, unearthing granular insights so you get the full picture of their path to purchase (pain points included!) without interfering with everyday digital activities.

Our technology allows you to custom recruit your target audience (using Luth’s survey panel or your customer database) or use digital behavior we have already collected through our digital panel.

ZQ Intelligence® Tracks

time spent on websites & apps

Onsite navigation patterns

Verbatim search terms used

Title-Level Video consumption

Detailed purchase information

Ad Exposure

ZQ Intelligence® Measures


How digital touchpoints influence pre-shopping, in-store, online, and post-trip activities.


What, when, and how online and in-store touchpoints are used.


How online and offline retail channels fit together and complement one another during the customer journey.


Shopping habits of your target audience across computers, smartphones, and tablets, and on specific websites and apps.

ZQ Intelligence® technology minimizes your blind spots, highlights the critical touchpoints in the path to purchase, and empowers you to break down the complexity of shopper journeys in order to craft an impactful marketing strategy that increases conversions and keeps you ahead of the game.

Draw from knowledge of big data analytics and passive digital measurement from ZQ Intelligence® to guide your research efforts and drive better and more informed business decisions. Using mixed-method approaches, our seasoned researchers engage consumers and to get behind the why of consumer decisions.

Turning Responses Into Intelligence

Using mixed-method approaches, our seasoned researchers engage consumers and to find audiences to get behind the why of consumer decisions.


Bring products into new markets through concept testing, package testing, pricing, and product composition studies.


Identify segments of shoppers in a specific category in order to serve up a more tailored experience that is specific to the shopper’s needs and preferences.


Evaluate advertising and marketing effectiveness and measure media audiences.


Get a clear picture of how your customers feel - from key drivers and net promoter scores to customer experience mapping and voice of the customer explorations.


Dig deeper into the data with choice-based analysis, perceptual mapping, and statistical analysis.

ZQ Intelligence® Macro and Micro Journeys

ZQ Intelligence® makes micro and macro journeys understandable and impactful with clear patterns to craft the story of your customers’ journeys so you can optimize your marketing efforts for greater return.

Use macro-level insights to influence channel and market-level players such as devices, media, retailers, and brands. Control micro-level insights at the retailer level (or publisher level) and specific activities such as on-site search, promotions/sales, usage of lists, and subscribe rates.

ZQ Macro Journey
ZQ Macro Journey analysis examines the journey across key touchpoints (retailers, manufacturers, search engines, influencers, etc.) to understand the role and sequence of various sites and apps in the overall shopping journey. This is the “big picture” view of the journey.

Macro Journey touchpoints include:

  • Search engine
  • Retailer websites
  • Brand or manufacturer website
  • Social media, consumer review sites
  • Coupon publishers
  • Offline stores & touchpoints

ZQ Micro Journey
ZQ Micro Journey analyzes the journey within a specific site across key features such as home, search, product category pages, cart, and purchase. Micro Journey allows insights into the multi-step sequence of shopper interaction with features on a specific site and enables the comparison of micro journeys across other sites of interest.

Micro Journey touchpoints include:

  • On-site search
  • List
  • Promotion
  • Product detail page (PDP)
  • Add to cart
  • Purchase
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