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Market Research Process Consulting

At Luth Research, we specialize in turning responses into intelligence. Our experienced team of research professionals and statisticians provide a wide range of analytical and consulting services to help make your research more effective and impactful. These data scientists draw from knowledge of big data analytics and passive digital measurements to expertly guide your research efforts. No matter your industry or target audience, we can help you identify the underlying insights that can drive better business decisions.

The Luth Research team is building upon decades of experience in a variety of market research practices, including:

  • New Product Development: We have helped bring numerous products to market through concept testing, package testing, pricing, and product composition studies.
  • Segmentation: Companies turn to us to help them with market and customer segmentation.
  • Branding/Advertising: We help establish measures of awareness and brand equity, evaluate advertising and marketing effectiveness, and measure media audiences.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Get a clear picture of how your customers feel about your brand, company and products. From key drivers and net promoter score to customer experience mapping and loyalty/voice of the customer explorations, we help you understand all aspects of your customer experience.
  • Advanced Analytics: Dig deeper into the data with choice-based analysis, perceptual mapping and statistical analysis.

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