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ZQ "In the Moment" Surveys

Discover the "Why" Behind Behaviors

ZQ “In the Moment” Surveys is a breakthrough innovation built upon our global research panel, time-tested survey practices, and industry-leading passive tracking technology. This platform enables clients to send consumers a brief survey near real time when they engage in a specific activity of interest either on their computer or a mobile device.

“In the Moment” Surveys can be implemented on any of the following activities based on the unique goals of your research:

  • Visit to a website on a computer or mobile device
  • Visit to an app
  • Entry of a search term on a computer or a mobile device

Benefits of “In the Moment” Surveys:

  • Survey consumers in real time when the action takes place
  • Gain the “why” behind the behavior
  • Overcome challenges with data latency and inaccurate recall
  • Maximize consumer participation

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