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5 Benefits to Digital Tracking That Can Impact Your ROI


The better the customer experience you offer, the more customers—and loyal customers—you will have. How do you give the best possible customer experience when the consumer journey is fragmented and unpredictable? You do that with digital tracking data and efficient tools. Here are five ways consumer tracking data can positively impact your return on investment.

Uncover the Progression of Your Consumer’s Journey

Digital tracking can show you what your customers are doing online, who converts, who does not and what you need to do to increase those conversions.  where your consumers are in their buying journey. Understanding how close a consumer is to purchasing will enable you to send the right marketing campaigns to get their attention and build trust.

Uncover Where You Consumer’s Journey Begins and Ends

Digital tracking data can give you insight into your customer’s habits. For example, your typical customer might be primarily exposed to ads on their work laptop or computer and move to a mobile device to find out more and make a purchase. With this purchasing pattern information, you can apply the right marketing campaigns to each device type for that customer, increasing your likelihood of a sale.

Uncover How Search Plays a Role in Your Customer’s Journey

Tracking consumer searches in relation to certain products will give you a better idea about how people find your product or services and go about making the purchase. For example, a person that searches for dog food on the internet could be a good target for a dog bed advertisement.

Additionally, you can use those discovered keywords in content related to pet food, so that information about your related product shows up in their searches. There are many ways to utilize consumer search data in your marketing plan.

Discover Key Terms Driving Conversation and Interest

When you are armed with the right consumer tracking data, it is easy to find what people are interested in when it comes to your product. You can find out what people are talking about across multiple platforms. You can then use this information to tailor wide-reaching marketing plans that will garner the attention you seek.

Compare the Consumer Journey on Competitor Sites

As you can imagine, this information is invaluable. Understanding the differences between the customer journey you offer and a site that might be doing better will help you formulate a plan to fill consumer needs better.

This information can also help you realize where there are places in your marketing plan you can pare down. Knowing this will help you save money and time in the long run.

What’s My ROI?

Empowered by detailed consumer data in your product niche, you will save time and attract more customers. Your return on investment will equal the amount of your current opportunity costs incurred by not utilizing this type of data.

To find out more about consumer digital tracking insights, read our free eBook, Digital Commerce: What Valuable Shoppers are Doing and Where To Find Them. Here you will find a wealth of information about how digital consumer data can help you formulate a better marketing plan. Luth Research offers the best ready-to-use tools and consumer data to help with your marketing strategies.


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