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ZQ Now

Real Data, Real Simple With Our Mobile Analytics Platform

Keep target behavior based samples for your consumer surveys right at your fingertips with our self-service platform.

Other survey panel sample sources only give you access to respondents based on demographic targeting or self-reported data at best. We’re taking survey sample targeting and accuracy to a whole new level.

Luth Research’s ZQ Now gives you access to a permission based online panel where you can not only understand, but also target the digital behaviors of your audience across all devices, whenever you need it. Case in point: If you are looking for consumers who use online grocery shopping for a survey project, you can identify those exact consumers by selecting visitors to Instacart, Walmart Grocery, AmazonFresh and other relevant websites and apps.

An Intelligent Solution for Survey Samples

We ensure top-quality survey targets for your online market research using our cross-device measurement technology.

Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence™ passively tracks digital behaviors across multiple devices and incorporates survey research, qualitative research to produce a well-rounded picture of online and offline consumer activity. Our permission-based system guarantees precise and relevant data based on actual behaviors, while our incredible user experience fosters consistently high respondent rates. This helps us maintain rigorous digital panel sample sizes whenever you access ZQ Now.

Define demographics such as age, gender, race, location, or household income, and select a device to pinpoint. You can even choose the particular consumer activity you want to learn more about, such as past visits to a specific website or app. Once your sample has been generated, you can then conduct a survey through Luth’s online research surveying system, or your own survey platform.

No matter how specific your survey targets are, we can get you in touch with them.

Real Data, Real Simple

Follow these simple 3 steps to use ZQ Now to make your survey sample authentic and precise.

With ZQ Now, you have the power to find your own survey targets based on true behaviors, so your marketing insights can deliver the most impact.

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