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ZQ Macro and Micro Journeys

A Window Into Consumer Shopping Decisions

Fragmentation of consumer attention, blurring lines between digital and physical, contentions between direct to consumer, mass retailers and the rise of content-driven commerce vs. planned shopping are the trends driving today’s path to purchase. With Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence we make these journeys understandable, impactful with clear patterns to craft the story of your customers’ journeys so you can optimize your marketing efforts for greater return.

ZQ Macro Journey & Micro Journey analysis is made up of two distinct components. Use Macro level insights to influence channel and market level players such as device, media, retailers and brands. Control Micro level insights at retailer level (or publisher level) and specific activities such as on-site search, promotions/sales, usage of list, and subscribe & save.

ZQ Macro Journey:

ZQ Macro Journey analysis examines the journey across key touchpoints (retailers, manufacturers, search engines, influencers, etc.) to understand the role and sequence of various sites and apps in the overall shopping journey.
This is the “big picture” view of the journey. Macro Journey touchpoints include:

  • Search engine
  • Retailer websites
  • Brand websites
  • Social media, consumer review sites
  • Coupon publishers
  • Offline stores & touchpoints

ZQ Micro Journey:

ZQ Micro Journey analyzes the journey within a specific site across key features such as home, search, product category pages, cart, purchase, etc. The Micro Journey allows insights to the multi-step sequence of shopper interaction with features on a specific site and enables comparison of micro journeys across other sites of interest. ZQ Micro Journey touchpoints include:

  • On site search
  • List
  • Promotion
  • Product detail page (PDP)
  • Add to cart
  • Purchase
  • Etc.

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