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Marketers need to know how, why, and what kind of videos are being consumed if they want to keep up with their customers and target them where they’re spending their time. That’s where Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence comes in. ZQ Intelligence tracks cross-platform video viewership across different devices, so you can better understand your target audience’s video consumption habits and reach them through the right kind of media.

Whether you’re already using videos in your marketing strategies or are hoping to start incorporating them from now on, our webinar will show you how you can best leverage our YouTube video viewership research. As YouTube has fast become the second largest search engine on the internet, our valuable insights will allow you to start a more effective video marketing campaign today.

Watch our webinar presentation on video viewership insights and learn about:

  • ZQ Intelligence technology and how it tracks video consumers passively
  • How usage behaviors are monitored, analyzed, and shared
  • Which methodologies work best when measuring title level views
  • YouTube usage on different devices and among different audiences
  • The importance of YouTube video genre and content

Watch our informative webinar now!

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