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Refresh your Path to Purchase IQ

If you want your product or service to become a destination on a customer’s path to purchase, it’s essential to learn how they travel that path. The use of multiple devices and social media platforms along the way to a purchase can complicate your customer’s journey, leading to multiple touchpoints and interactions. If you’re confused about how your customers are finding you, and if you want to identify any impediments in their path, Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence can help. ZQ Intelligence tracks consumer activity with the utmost flexibility, providing profound insights into what shoppers think and do, which can in turn help you discover the many twists and turns.

Using a case study, our webinar will show you how digital tracking can be complemented with mobile trigger surveys to give a bigger picture of your consumer’s journey and fill in the blanks when it comes to their path to purchase.

Watch our webinar presentation on the path to purchase and refresh your knowledge of:

  • The cross-platform digital tracking technology offered by ZQ Intelligence, including ZQ methodologies, products, and data library
  • The average length of the purchase journey
  • Shoppers’ behaviors, pain points, and main influencers
  • The distinct role of PCs and mobile devices during the shopping experience
  • How in-store and online shopping activities are combined to make a purchase

Watch our informative webinar now!

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