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The New Normal: Using digital behaviors to target survey samples

Successful marketing all comes down to understanding your customers so that you can target them more effectively. That’s why it helps to research consumer behavior. Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence tracks the 24-hour digital behavior of your target audience across multiple platforms and devices, and it doesn’t just stop there. By combining these digital insights with surveys and qualitative research, you can uncover the “why” behind online activity, which means you can truly start to understand your audience.

In fact, this integration of digital and qualitative data is proving so effective, it’s becoming the new normal. And if this approach is the new normal, it’s time you knew more about it so that you can start taking advantage of it today.

Our webinar will show you how digital data can be used in addition to traditional research strategies to give profound insights into your audience’s behavior.

Watch our webinar presentation on digital behaviors to target survey sample and learn about:

  • How ZQ Intelligence has evolved to combine digital data and qualitative research
  • The methodologies ZQ Intelligence uses to track, extract, and research behaviors
  • Why behavior targeting should be incorporated into your consumer research
  • How digital data can be added to your research strategy
  • The standard metrics used to measure consumer behavior

Watch our informative webinar now!


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