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Digitally Tracking The Hard To Reach Consumer

With modern consumers using multiple devices and platforms to travel the path to purchase, it’s difficult to keep up with their shopping behaviors. If you’re operating within a niche market, understanding your specialized target audience is all the more complex. How can you gain digital insights into hard-to-reach consumers in order to successfully market to them? Although this is a common concern among niche companies today, there has never been a real solution – until now.

Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence digitally tracks consumer activity on computers and mobile devices, providing invaluable insights into consumer behavior. By combining this data with qualitative research and surveys, you can finally uncover the “why” behind your niche audience’s shopping habits, and start working on how you will target them more effectively.

Using real-life examples of ZQ Intelligence’s effectiveness within niche markets, our webinar will demonstrate the essential best practices for digitally tracking your hard-to-reach target audience.

Participate in our unique webinar presentation on digitally tracking the hard-to-reach consumer and discover:

  • What ZQ Intelligence is and how it works
  • The advantages of passively tracking consumers with ZQ technology
  • Challenges you might face when marketing and advertising within a niche market
  • Best practices for tracking niche audiences
  • Real-life examples of how ZQ technology provides niche market insights

Watch our informative webinar now!

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