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Luth Research looked at the eCommerce behaviors from 2019 and March 2020, the month marking the biggest impact from COVID-19 to date. The data is based on our technology, ZQ Intelligence™, which passively captures how people shop and spend time on computers and mobile devices.

In this webinar you will learn:

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COVID-19 Before & After: How Do eCommerce Behaviors Change?

Luth Research looked at the eCommerce behaviors from 2019 and March 2020, the month marking the biggest impact from COVID-19 to date. The data is based on our technology, ZQ Intelligence™, which passively captures how people shop and spend time on computers and mobile devices.

In this webinar you will learn:

New moment of truth and how it has changed
Comparisons between grocery and mass retailers (such as Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, etc.) during 2019 and March of 2020
Specific opportunities for brands and retailers during this time

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Better Together: Qualitative + Quantitative research for path to purchase

For the purpose of understanding consumer path to purchase, how do qualitative and quantitative research methods fit together and achieve synergy? This webinar explores specific ways where qualitative and quantitative (including both passively metered behavioral data and surveys) are combined to yield better truths. We will share use cases across diverse verticals including baby and household items, consumables, and big-ticket purchases.

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Stop Asking How People Shop – Watch Instead: Insights from Healthcare and CPG

What do you really know about the consumer’s path to purchase? Digital channels are taking hold. Offline touchpoints have become critical for brands that were once online-only. Today’s shoppers are “super consumers” who are increasingly channel agnostic, quickly forming shopping behaviors around retail platforms. Luth Research has been capturing this information through its ZQ Intelligence technology, which passively meters digital journeys of consumers across devices.

Watch our most recent webinar with Adweek for a fresh perspective of observing how consumers research, engage and purchase digitally. You’ll get specific insights from two of the largest industries, healthcare and CPG.

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A Toast to the Path to Purchase: Insights on wine buyers’ digital journeys

Luth Research follows wine shoppers through their digital journey to learn what touch points matter. This webinar will explore the importance of tracking digital data to gain a sense of your targets’ purchase path. Insights will be revealed about search terms, websites visited and purchases. This digital shopping case study will offer important aspects about how to track your own industry’s digital path.

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Digital Behavioral Data: 3 Easy Ways to Add this New Essential to Your Research

Digital behavioral data is the new essential for market research. Passively tracking consumers on their computers and mobile devices gives you the unfiltered truth about how consumers go about their digital life. What if you can add all of these to your survey research effortlessly and with maximum cost efficiency? In this webinar, Luth Research presents and discusses three easy ways to add digital.

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How NASCAR Digitally Tracks Fan Behavior

Luth Research partners with our client, NASCAR, for this informative Adweek webinar.

Few sports organizations have the dedicated fan base of NASCAR. But in today’s multi-platform, multimedia world, fans are interacting with the auto-racing organization across dozens of channels. To meet this challenge, NASCAR turned to Luth Research to use digital tracking to get a clearer picture of fan behavior.

Hear directly from NASCAR and Luth Research about NASCAR’s audience strategies and how it is using digital audience behavior.

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How To Enhance Your Surveys With Behavior Based “In the Moment” Surveys

Imagine the insights you gain when you engage your customers in surveys at the moment they perform a specific action.

Watch our webinar to learn how Luth Research's ZQ Trigger Research helps our clients understand the why behind their consumers’ behavior in near real time therefore avoiding the challenge of data latency and inaccurate recall. This webinar will present not only the processes about this methodology, but also use cases on how "In the Moment" based insights surrounding the activities on the consumers' journey bring fresh knowledge of the following:

• Visit to a website on a computer or mobile device
• Visit to an app
• Entry of a search term on a computer or a mobile device

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Digitally Tracking The Hard To Reach Consumer

A common yet rarely answered question in marketing is: How do we understand and target niche audiences especially on computers and mobile devices.

Join us for our webinar as we dive into some best practices that are essential when digitally tracking hard to reach consumers.

You will learn:

1. Marketing and advertising challenges within a niche market
2. Passive tracking advantages
3. Best practices for tracking niche audiences
4. Niche market examples and how Luth was successful in obtaining insights

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Watch our webinar to learn:

1. How to leverage YouTube viewership insights in order to incorporate video marketing into your strategies
2. What methodologies work best when measuring title level views
3. How usage behaviors from both gen pop and specialized audiences are analyzed and shared

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Refresh your Path to Purchase IQ

This quick, informative webinar presents a case study that measures the omni-channel consumer path to purchase. You will learn how it is possible to combine both past and current digital tracking along with trigger surveys via mobile to better understand the shopper journey for your category.

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The New Normal: Using digital behaviors to target survey samples

There is a newer and better way to integrate digital behavior data with survey research. Luth Research's ZQ Intelligence captures 24/7 digital behavior of your target audience across their PC and Mobile devices. Combining passive digital behaviors and survey data becomes the new normal. This online workshop is a unique opportunity for us to share how digital data enhances your traditional research approaches and delivers unparalleled audience insights.

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This on demand workshop offers a unique opportunity to understand how digital data enhances your traditional research approaches, and delivers unparalleled audience insights. This workshop details:

• Why digital data is a must-have for media measurement
• What ZQ Intelligence is and how it's different
• How engagements are executed including common methodologies, best practices, and examples of deliverable

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Decoding Title Level Audience Insights

This webinar presents a first and rare opportunity to learn how leading streaming video on demand (SVOD) services (i.e. Netflix, YouTube, Disney apps) are being consumed, based on passively tracked viewership data across computer, smartphone and tablet. Get insights on first 30-day viewing platforms, demographic profiles by show, and consumption trends by device, especially video mobile apps.

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2014: Finally the year of mobile measurement

Mobile research offers you an increasingly personal and continual way to connect with your customers, but it offers almost as many obstacles as it does opportunities.
This webinar explores how the right mobile behavior tracking practices can solve these challenges while giving you actionable insights into the omni-channel consumer experience.

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Integrated Intelligence: Digital Data + Survey Data

Learn how a popular online retailer gained new insights by adding digital behavior data to survey data to immediately bolster its marketing, operational and merchandising strategies. This webinar will discuss the best practices and pitfalls in combining behavioral data and survey data and show how ZQ Digital Tribe can produce a more robust picture of your target market.

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Are You Seeing The Full Digital Picture?

A clear ROI is what marketers and publishers are seeking for their own brands or their clients’ brands. Find out how monitoring your customers' entire online journey, not just the last click, can change your ad effectiveness measurement. Learn how tracking consumers’ online behaviors, in addition to traditional survey metrics, provides enhanced clarity to the marketing outcome. This webinar will review the three compelling metrics that you should be using in order to measure true ad effectiveness and show how ZQ Digital Tribe™ will give you the full digital picture.

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