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The Benefits of Knowing Your Customer’s Path to Purchase [INFOGRAPHIC]

Consumers want seamless, connected, and engaging experiences with their favorite brands. They want their needs met across all channels to help make buying a product or service an easy experience. And with 64% of consumers seeking a personalized experience from brands they follow, it begs the question: how can today’s companies meet customer needs? The best way is through digesting and analyzing customer data on their path to purchase, which can be collected through our ZQ Intelligence platform. Gathering this data can help you gain valuable insight into the habits of your target audience to better connect with your customers.

Through ZQ Intelligence, you can identify customer data like what devices your customers are using, what platforms they frequent, and what motivates them to buy. All of these data insights can help you shape your marketing strategies and better tailor your brand to your target audience.

By understanding your customer’s path to purchase, you can step into your customer’s shoes and evaluate your organization from their perspective. It can offer valuable insights into specific touchpoints, roadblocks, and other consumer information that help you improve the relationship your company has with your target audience.

By gathering data from your customer’s path to purchase, you can:

  • See where customers connect with your business
  • Focus your business on customer needs
  • Gain insight on the gaps in your path to purchase
  • Uncover new opportunities
  • Pave the way for brand loyalty

Check out the infographic below for a data-driven look at how you can use ZQ Intelligence to understand your customer’s path to purchase, and transform and tailor your marketing efforts to the right consumers.

Infographic displaying path to purchase

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