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“I want to say that you all did a FANTASTIC job! There is so much data and you did a great job of organizing it and visually representing it in a very compelling way.”

“Phenomenal, perfect, detailed, anticipates issues, the best I’ve ever seen.”

“This was an AWESOME report.  So easy to understand – very clear and concise – exactly what I was looking for!”

“We were so pleased!! We will be working with you again in the future! Everything was perfect!!

“Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You are the only vendor that executed this [job] successfully. There were 4 other panels and each of them had some hang-up. Amazing. Thank you so much.”

“We were extremely satisfied with the facility; the recruits were fantastic also. The food was really tasty, as well (the Mediterranean food was outstanding). Honestly, it was about as easy as focus groups get.”

“Great sessions. Really got a ton of good information and the facility was quite nice.”

“Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for another job well done! We very much appreciate that you were able to execute this project and deliver a quality set of data within our very tight timeline. Your attention to detail and continued communications were very helpful throughout!”

“You should know you were not the cheapest, nor the most expensive in bidding. What weighed most heavily in your favor from my standpoint was your excellent customer service. Prior to you contacting me, I had contact with [one of your salespersons] who would periodically check in with me. No other research company was this consistent. Some did no follow-up. Although I’m certain I exasperated you over the last month with myriad requests and questions, you have always been prompt with getting back to me. I anticipate this same level of customer service will continue moving forward. I certainly hope so.”

“Luth has always met, but generally exceeded expectations. Always on time, on budget. Very responsive.”