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Stats to Guide Your Retail Marketing Strategy This Holiday Season

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, it’s time to get ready. Last year, retailers made more than $625 billion in sales during November and December. Black Friday alone is the most profitable day of the year for more than half of all retail operations.

These impressive stats show how important the holiday shopping season is to retailers when it comes to marketing. Are you ready for it? ‘Tis the season for data-driven marketing and business planning. Who should you target with your advertising? What promotions will make your retail stand out from the rest?

These questions are best answered with some hard data in hand. We combed through the data from Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence, a cross-platform digital measurement software to identify trends from last year’s holiday season. With real data, you will be able to make better marketing decisions, leading to even more profit.

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