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Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence™ to Provide Customer Insights for Microsoft’s Critical New Operating System Interface.

Luth Research adds the ability of tracking consumer behaviors on Modern UI/Metro Mode, Microsoft’s new operating system interface.  Different from the traditional operating system screen, Microsoft’s Modern UI design focuses on typography with strong readability and visual appeal and is likely to change how consumers use their computers in the future. Luth’s efforts to make it possible to observe and capture user behaviors directly from this innovative interface are a pioneering step in the market research industry.

Luth’s ZQ Intelligence provides precise and rich observation on user behaviors when switching between traditional desktop and Modern UI, as well as the activities and apps users perform in the context of Modern UI.  “A core part of what we do in digital measurement is to enable data capturing in places where consumers go and spend their time,” Roseanne Luth, CEO of Luth Research, comments, “the new addition highlights our commitment to deliver on true cross-platform technology. The ultimate goal is to help our clients get closer to understanding the full picture of consumers’ digital life.”

Built upon the foundation of Luth’s global online research panel, ZQ Intelligence tracks consumers’ digital behaviors on computers and mobile devices. Brands and companies benefit from combining data from digital behaviors and survey research to better understand their target consumers, influence path to purchase and assess the impact of their advertising campaigns. ZQ Intelligence differs from other tracking software due to its ability to add behavior tracking to traditional survey data.

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