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Luth Research launches ZQ Digital Tribe

San Diego – Luth Research announced the launch of ZQ Digital Tribe. ZQ Digital Tribe provides companies with direct visibility into the daily digital lives of their customers and prospects.

Over two years ago, Luth Research conceived the idea to combine web behavior information with traditional research which led to the development of ZQ Intelligence™. ZQ Intelligence is a permission-based online tracking tool that uses proprietary technology to monitor online behavior.

With ZQ Digital Tribe, a client-specified group of 200 individuals agree to have their digital lives monitored for a period of up to three months by downloading the online tool. The ZQ Digital Tribe’s online behavior is tracked and integrated with customized survey and transactional data. The power of the combined data provides companies with a complete and continued digital life story. This enables them to monitor brand relationships and competitors, and thus enhance their marketing and social networking strategies.  “ZQ Digital Tribe collects research data in a new and unique way that will provide an enhanced, holistic view of consumers.  Our research products are continuing to evolve as our clients’ needs change.” said Jacqueline Rosales, Luth Research’s Chief Revenue Officer.

According to Luth Research’s President and CEO, Roseanne Luth, “Advanced online behavior tracking is a breakthrough in market research and will substantially improve the way marketing and advertising decisions are made. With ZQ Digital Tribe, businesses develop a deeper connection with their customers and gain near real-time access to actionable information.”

Luth Research’s extraordinary growth in 2010, coupled with the company’s investment in new products, positions Luth at the forefront of offering next generation research to its clients.  This technology provides researchers, marketers and advertising executives with a cogent picture of consumers’ current behavior, as well as insight into their future behavior.


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