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Luth Partners with Management Science Associates

Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence – the industry leading solution for passively tracking what consumers are doing on computers and mobile devices is available to MSA and the gaming providers as an innovative way to measure the new Internet based gaming and its impact on the casino industry.

MSA’s Sept 2017 white paper analyzed Spectrumetrix™ Atlantic City (AC) gaming revenues from its introduction of Internet Gaming, which grew to end the 10 year AC gaming revenue decline in Fall 2016, as Internet Gaming’s growth was also synergistic with casino slots gaming. This 3 month analytic extension confirms MSA’s previous insights, and examines how casinos’ innovative Internet Games gained market share while also supporting retention of slots. The stage is now set for its continuing growth and for studies of opportunities available to AC’s five casino management teams to prepare for the Hard Rock Casino’s Memorial Day launch.

Read MSN’s full whitepaper here.


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