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It’s About Love: 91% of Men Give Valentine’s Day Flowers to Tell Their Significant Other They Love Them

ProFlowers reports that a recent survey conducted by Luth Research shows that 91% of men who give flowers to their significant other on Valentine’s Day do so to show their love to that special someone in their lives, most with no other motives or strings attached.   The study also shows other flower purchasing patterns surrounding this holiday.

More than 75% of men have given flowers for Valentine’s Day in the past two years.

Of those men giving flowers to their significant other, nine in ten primarily intend to express their love (91%), while 26% said they give flowers to avoid disappointing the person, and 16% said to avoid being in the dog house.

Other findings from the study reveals that two-thirds of men purchasing flowers for Valentine’s Day do so to send flowers to their significant other, and a third of men do so to send flowers to their mothers.  Additionally, besides choosing which flowers to buy, writing the card message to go with the flowers is the process that men spend the most time on – 60% and 15% respectively.

“Valentine’s Day is the holiday where people take time out to express their love.  That’s why men spend a lot of time choosing the right flowers and putting together a thoughtful card message, whether the gift is for their wife, girlfriend or mother,” said Greg Smith, Vice President of Merchandising at ProFlowers.  “Time and again, classic roses are a popular choice among men to gift to their loved one on this day, but non-classic bouquets with a twist, have increasingly become bestsellers.”

Some of ProFlowers’ most popular Valentine’s Day arrangements include:

Love and Affection:  This arrangement adds a twist to the classic red rose bouquet with a unique combination of red roses and purple mums.

Smooch:  This playful bouquet of pink tulips and purple hyacinths is fabulously fragrant and simply stunning.

Hugs and Kisses:  An array of deep, robust color, the Hugs and Kisses bouquet contains one dozen tulips and one dozen iris, fresh from the fields.

Always and Forever:  This amazing bouquet of crisp white lilies and deep red roses is the perfect expression of love and devotion.

Gifting flowers continues to be one of the most popular ways in which men express their love on Valentine’s Day.  And in turn, it’s the classic gift that women consistently expect and love to receive on Valentine’s Day.

About ProFlowers

ProFlowers®, a Provide Commerce brand, launched its marketplace in 1998 to sell and deliver fresh cut flowers for everyday and special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, birthday and anniversary events, through its website, www.ProFlowers.com. The company’s platform combines an online storefront, proprietary supply chain management technology and established supplier relationships to create a market platform that bypasses traditional floral supply chains of wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

About Provide Commerce

Provide Commerce®, one of the nation’s leading e-commerce companies, began in 1998 with the launch of ProFlowers, which sells and delivers fresh cut flowers for everyday and special occasions. Provide Commerce also offers fresh fruit and sweets direct from the supplier to its customers through Cherry Moon Farms and Shari’s Berries, unique and sentimental gifts through RedEnvelope, and custom, personalized gifts through Personal Creations. Provide Commerce is a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation and is attributed to its Liberty Interactive tracking stock group.


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