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IntelliClear Announces New Commercial and Consumer Technology Research Panels

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – April 8, 2010 – IntelliClear today announced the creation of nine distinct technology research panels immediately available for market research use. Powered by San Diego-based Luth Research, the panels include carefully-selected IT decision makers across all business sizes and sectors, as well as consumers, making available hundreds of thousands of potential respondents in North America, with international expansion planned for the future.

“With these customized panels powered by Luth, IntelliClear can deliver a new level of quality, statistical relevance, and value to our clients for surveys, conjoint studies, and other research requiring selective recruiting,” says Alex Kalamarides, Ph.D., managing director of IntelliClear. “Any kind of recruiting for quantitative research in the IT space can be accomplished with ease, confidence and timeliness using these selectively focused and extensively tested panels.”

Using Luth’s SurveySavvy™ panel, IntelliClear defined customized technology sub-panels of IT decision makers of: data centers; small, medium, and large companies; entrepreneurs; and healthcare practices. Panels also cover data center facilities managers and consumer heads-of-households.

“Luth is pleased to further leverage the SurveySavvy panel as an avenue for technology-minded clients to reach their audience,” said Nahme Chokeir, vice president, client services at Luth Research. “This initiative offers clients access to rapid, reliable data in a number of important as well as hard-to-reach, niche segments.”

This announcement of customized panels comes on the heels of IntelliClear’s announcement of Clarity Flash in January. “IntelliClear has ramped up its delivery of innovative research solutions providing our clients greater levels of quality and affordability,” said Eric Shuster, CEO of IntelliClear.

About IntelliClear

IntelliClear is a market research and business consulting firm committed to the delivery of actionable market intelligence to the global IT community. IntelliClear’s mission is to bring clarity to IT market intelligence by delivering results-oriented research, responsive industry experience, and effective data synthesis – leading to confident go-to-market plans.


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