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Fun With Money – SurveySavvy.com Celebrates $18 Million Payout With Dollar Bill Origami

New SavvyConnect® App to pay out $1 million more this year in cash payments.

San Diego, CA  (February 25, 2013) – Luth Research, a leader in market research, announced the launch of ‘Fun with Money: The Art and Science of Dollar Bill Origami’ in celebration of reaching $18 million in cash payments to their SurveySavvy® online market research panel.  ‘Fun with Money’ shares fun ways to use the dollar bill rewards for which SurveySavvy is known.  The campaign kicks off with an invitation proposal to join SurveySavvy.  New members will receive a dollar and instructions on how to make a dollar bill origami ring. SurveySavvy members qualify to join SavvyConnect, an exclusive market research panel that delivers more opportunities, special offers and higher earnings for members. Luth Research expects to payout more than $1 million this year in cash rewards to SurveySavvy.com members.

“We are well known in the industry for paying our panel members the highest level of rewards for their market research participation,” said Roseanne Luth, President and CEO of Luth Research. “We are excited to have reached $18 million in payments and look forward to increasing the rewards with our new SavvyConnect app.”

SurveySavvy is the online community that regularly completes surveys for cash payments.  SavvyConnect is a free desktop application that facilitates behavior market research.  Once signed up for SurveySavvy.com, community members simply install the application to qualify for a higher level of benefits and cash rewards.  The application runs in the background and reports behavior statistics in a secure, private and anonymous fashion.  Information such as search terms used, television shows watched, and sites visited are collected.  The data is then aggregated to help clients make better business decisions.

To join the SurveySavvy.com online market research panel and receive your first dollar bill and instructions on how to make an origami ring visit: www.surveysavvy.com.


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