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Cyber Monday Now Spans Almost An Entire Week

SAN DIEGO –  With long lines, bad weather, and full bellies, shoppers are increasingly choosing the convenience of the digital world over brick and mortar stores for their gift shopping.  Cyber Monday seems to be spanning into a nearly weeklong affair, starting from Thanksgiving Day all the way through the following Monday. Luth Research, a San Diego based market research firm, uses software to measure online shopping habits.  This software, ZQ Intelligence™, offers unique insights into customers’ digital lives, including their online shopping habits over the long Thanksgiving weekend.  Luth’s key findings include the following:

  • Traffic to websites of 35 of the nation’s top online retailers, including giants such as Walmart, Target, and Amazon, saw slow increases in the early part of November. However, there was a massive increase in traffic during the week of Thanksgiving, with a 70% increase in visitation compared to the previous week ending November 19.
  • Visits to these top 35 retailers peaked on Cyber Monday. However, customers didn’t wait until Monday to start their online shopping – traffic was high on both Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, with each day showing nearly 90% the amount of shopping visitation compared to what was seen on Cyber Monday. In an effort to compete with brick and mortar stores, online retailers also took advantage of early online shopping: Amazon offered Black Friday Deals Week and sent out their Cyber Monday deals a day early on Sunday.
  • It’s no surprise that Amazon continues to dominate the online shopping arena. What may be surprising is by how much: visitation to Amazon was nearly three times greater than their nearest competitor, Walmart, and was nearly twice the amount as traffic to Walmart and Target combined. 
  • Although the average time spent on a website was about 40 seconds less during the week of Thanksgiving compared to the rest of November, customers actually saw 11% more webpages within each website visit. The effective online retailer will offer a polished site with a simple purchase process, so that the time-strapped consumer can find what they need quickly and check out easily. 
  • With tech gifts sure to be a strong category this season, the Apple iPad seems to be winning the tablet wars. It shows up in 27% more search terms than its competitor, the Samsung  Galaxy, and greatly outperforms its less expensive competitors by an even greater margin – 3 times more searches than the Kindle and 6 times more searches than the Nook. The iPad’s greatest competition might come from its own family, with the iPhone appearing in 20% more searches than the Apple tablet.

If the Thanksgiving weekend was any indication, customers are increasingly taking advantage of the flexibility of online shopping – anytime, anywhere. Online retailers may be astute to recognize and capitalize on this by broadening their sales and marketing not just to those couple days surrounding holidays, but throughout the whole stretch of the holiday season over the next few weeks.

ZQ Intelligence is comprised of a carefully selected group of individuals that agree to be monitored with SavvyConnect, Luth Research’s patent-pending, permission-based online tracking tool. The information in this article is based on data from 8,000+ SavvyConnect users from a tracking period of November 1st to November 26th, 2012. 



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