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Consumers’ Digital Behaviors Suggest Differentiated Marketing Strategies

SAN DIEGO – As marketers address the need to optimize their marketing campaigns around purchase conversion or brand affinity, they may want to dig deeper into consumers’ digital behaviors. The digital footprints that lead to consumer sales and brand affinity are quite different, although equally important.

This insight is from a recent Luth Research ZQ Digital Tribe mobile phone study intended to uncover the specific consumer online behaviors and online media properties that have the greatest impact on purchases and brand affinity.

The research revealed that the number of times a consumer visited a website is the best indicator of purchase intent. The days of the week consumers visited a website also played an important factor in both purchase intent and brand affinity. For example, consumers who visited service provider and shopping websites Wednesday to Friday were more likely to follow up to purchase a mobile phone. Interestingly, the amount of time consumers spent on a website, number of pages viewed and the search engine used did not influence their mobile phone purchases but had various degrees of influence on brand affinity.

Luth Research integrated 6-months of data from 400 ZQ Digital Tribe participants with the results from two surveys taken by these participants. A Tribe is comprised of the client’s audience of interest and based on custom specifications. It leverages a proprietary, permission-based web tracking technology that monitors online behavior over a designated period of time. That data is combined with survey data to provide a holistic view of consumers.

Becky Wu, Vice President of Research, explained “By exploring the path to purchase in the digital world, marketers will be able to develop effective purchase and brand affinity strategies. For instance, increasing consumers’ visits to wireless service providers’ websites six times within six months could increase their purchase likelihood of a mobile phone by 400%. Understanding the digital path to purchase gives marketers the power to add lift to consumer purchase intent.”



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