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Brand Anywhere and Luth Research Announce That 51% Of Consumers Are More Likely To Shop At Retailers Who Have Websites Designed For Devices Like The iPhone

Brand Anywhere and Luth Research announced the preview of their November 2010 report, “Supply & Demand of the Mobile Web for Retail.” One surprising finding was that web retailers could increase consumer engagement by 85% by having a mobile-specific website.

“Our Mobile Omnibus Survey shows that nearly one in two consumers are more likely to do business with a retail store if the store has a mobile website,” said Roseanne Luth, CEO of Luth Research. The Mobile Omnibus Survey was conducted October 4 – 10, 2010 among 1000 respondents representative of the U.S. population.

Key findings include:

  • 51% of consumers more likely to purchase from retailers that have mobile-specific websites
  • 4.8% of U.S. retailers have mobile-specific websites
  • 22.8% of the top retail websites (ranked by Alexa®) have mobile-specific websites
  • Web retailers could increase consumer engagement by 85% with a mobile-specific website

“A significant gap has emerged between the number of retailers who have mobile websites and the consumers who want to shop on mobile sites,” explains David Engel, Partner at Brand Anywhere and Chief Architect of the Mobile Indexer. This gap varies greatly across different retail categories.

The Brand Anywhere Mobile Indexer is an application that looks at web pages on 10 devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Droid, SonyPSP, and BlackBerry Bold. Approximately 7,000 companies representative of U.S. retailers were indexed.

The Brand Anywhere Mobile Indexer also logs which retailers show Flash to mobile devices.

According to Luth Research, 45% of Android users cannot see Flash because they have not installed the Android 2.2 upgrade. Additionally, nearly all iPhones, iPads, and iPods do not support Flash. Retailers who show Flash to these devices are surrendering this point of influence to their competitors.

Key Flash Statistics:

  • 20.8% of all U.S. retailers show Flash to iPhones
  • 44% of the Internet Retailer Top 500® show Flash to iPads
  • 36% of the Alexa® Top 500 Shopping sites show Flash to iPads

“Our research indicates that consumers stand ready to reward retailers who provide a good mobile web experience.” says Dan Flanegan, Managing Partner at Brand Anywhere. “This is especially true in high ticket categories like automotive where they spend more time researching and comparing products prior to making the decision to purchase.”

Click here to watch the interview with Dan Flanegan (Brand Anywhere) and Roseanne Luth (Luth Research)

About Brand Anywhere & The Mobile Indexer™

Brand Anywhere is a mobile agency that helps traditional agencies sell mobile marketing services to the right clients at the right price. Their expertise is trusted by a wide range of clients, from boutique agencies to some of the world’s largest brands. The Brand Anywhere Mobile Indexer is a business intelligence platform tracking the mobile marketing activity of U.S. businesses. It helps agencies, mobile platform providers, and mobile ad networks identify prospects by location, revenue, industry and the mobile marketing and advertising challenges they may be facing. It is currently in limited beta release. For more information about the “Supply & Demand of the Mobile Web for Retail” report and the Mobile Indexer, visit Brand Anywhere at www.brandanywhere.com.


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