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Gallo is leading the charge with their latest consumer and shopper understanding project, Knowledge Unearthed for Business Expansion (KUBE).  KUBE looked beyond wine and explored the total alcohol beverage space. The robust multi-phased consumer beverage survey led by Gallo’s Consumer and Product Insights team and Luth Research looked at all alcohol beverage categories, uncovering how values and beliefs manifest into how consumers buy, choose, and consume alcohol beverages. Throughout the course of the research, KUBE explored nearly 100,000 usage and purchase occasions – across on premise, off premise and e-commerce.

Recruited via Luth’s online panel, 23,000 U.S. alcohol beverage drinking adults aged 21 or older were surveyed between the dates of September 5, 2017 and November 10, 2017.

Read Gallo’s 2018 Consumer Alcohol Beverage Report



Powered by Luth Research – ExactTarget 2014 Mobile Behavior Report

Digital mobility and connectivity become more important every day. To learn more about the true current state of mobile behavior, we tracked 470 voluntary consumers for a month on their smartphones and tablets; we also asked them questions about how they use and view mobile devices in their lives. Tracking patterns combined with users’ own insights can help brands shape better experiences for all mobile users.

Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence™ to Provide Customer Insights for Microsoft’s Critical New Operating System Interface.

Luth Research adds the ability of tracking consumer behaviors on Modern UI/Metro Mode, Microsoft’s new operating system interface. Different from the traditional operating system screen, Microsoft’s Modern UI design focuses on typography with strong readability and visual appeal and is likely to change how consumers use their computers in the future. Luth’s efforts to make it possible to observe and capture user behaviors directly from this innovative interface are a pioneering step in the market research industry.

Are You (Like Everyone Else) Overwhelmed by Big Data?

The promise of big data is real. From healthcare to public sector, the practice of using big data to drive business decisions is unmistakably compelling. A Mckinsey global study in 2011 concludes the potential yield of $300 billion annual value to U.S. healthcare, $600 million in annual consumer surplus, and 60% increase in retailers’ operating margins all from leveraging big data.

Unleashing the Full Potential of Market Research by Adding Web & Mobile Tracking

Facing the rise of digital audience measurement, should we in the traditional market research profession consider it a crisis or opportunity? For more than a decade, Web-based analytics have been operating in parallel to market research, which primarily relies on surveys and inquiries into consumer minds and behaviors. We have expected for these two disciplines to coexist but not mingle. However, the prevalence of Internet and mobile devices in consumer life and the increasing accessibility of behavior tracking technologies make it imperative to rethink the integration of tools with established market research practices.

Fun With Money – SurveySavvy.com Celebrates $18 Million Payout With Dollar Bill Origami

Luth Research, a leader in market research, announced the launch of ‘Fun with Money: The Art and Science of Dollar Bill Origami’ in celebration of reaching $18 million in cash payments to their SurveySavvy® online market research panel. ‘Fun with Money’ shares fun ways to use the dollar bill rewards for which SurveySavvy is known. The campaign kicks off with an invitation proposal to join SurveySavvy. New members will receive a dollar and instructions on how to make a dollar bill origami ring. SurveySavvy members qualify to join SavvyConnect, an exclusive market research panel that delivers more opportunities, special offers and higher earnings for members. Luth Research expects to payout more than $1 million this year in cash rewards to SurveySavvy.com members.

Cyber Monday Now Spans Almost An Entire Week

With long lines, bad weather, and full bellies, shoppers are increasingly choosing the convenience of the digital world over brick and mortar stores for their gift shopping. Cyber Monday seems to be spanning into a nearly weeklong affair, starting from Thanksgiving Day all the way through the following Monday. Luth Research, a San Diego based market research firm, uses software to measure online shopping habits. This software, ZQ Intelligence™, offers unique insights into customers’ digital lives, including their online shopping habits over the long Thanksgiving weekend. Luth’s key findings include the following:

Luth Research’s, Candice Hinds, to speak at the Marketing to Women Conference in Chicago on April 14th

From the highlights of BlogHer’s 4th Annual Study of Women and
Social Media, and Luth Research’s case study illustrating the marketing impact of integrating research and web behavior, to the insights from the first-of-its-kind study of LGBT consumers by New American Dimensions, research will play a critical role for brand marketers at the 7th annual M2W® - The Marketing to Women Conference, April 13 & 14, 2011 at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Luth Research Reports 50% Revenue Growth

Luth Research reported a 50% increase in revenues in 2010 and added 47 full-time employees, despite continued tough economic conditions. Launched in 1977, Luth Research has grown from a one-woman company to being included in Inc. magazine’s top-5000 listing of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.

IntelliClear Announces New Commercial and Consumer Technology Research Panels

IntelliClear today announced the creation of nine distinct technology research panels immediately available for market research use. Powered by San Diego-based Luth Research, the panels include carefully-selected IT decision makers across all business sizes and sectors, as well as consumers, making available hundreds of thousands of potential respondents in North America, with international expansion planned for the future.

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