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Mobile Data: Marketing to Mobile Consumers

Mobile consumers these days are a different breed from an earlier population that used to make the entirety of their purchase decisions at a desktop computer or a brick and mortar location. With faster networks, more sophisticated smartphones, lightweight tablets, and more time spent on-the-go than ever, it makes sense that mobile data would be inching out other methods of purchase. In fact, mobile internet has overtaken desktop internet access for web surfing, social media, account access, and online shopping.

The Importance of Mobile Marketing

It’s become undeniably clear that mobile marketing is an important part of today’s business strategy. For example, it’s estimated that millennials will constitute 75% of the workforce by 2025, making them the largest group of consumers. What’s notable about this group of consumers? The answer is that they are spending 54% of it on their phones, and 27% on their tablets. But despite the growth in mobile media consumption, it seems that mobile marketers have yet to capitalize on this burgeoning opportunity. With 80% of internet users employing a smartphone to do their searching, a focus on mobile marketing campaigns is becoming essential.

Paths to Product Research

Of all the available avenues, it appears that users are accessing the internet to research products more than ever. According to Google’s mobile path to purchase report, consumers not only spend over 15 hours a week researching on their smart phones, but their research begins with search engines, not mobile sites or downloaded apps. Consumers are also looking for businesses that are located nearby (within 5 miles), and offer a swift purchase process. With an easy transition from research to checkout, mobile devices are leading to a 93% purchase rate.

Using Mobile Data to Your Advantage

So how can your business use this data to its advantage? With so much mobile activity, it’s important to make sure that there is a clear line from your user’s technology to your mobile presence. Let’s take a look at some ways to increase tablet and smartphone savvy and tap into the mobile market.

  1. Build an App

Although much of a mobile consumer’s searches happen through the use of a search engine, that doesn’t mean that apps are not an important part of cornering the mobile market. Many users are finding apps through app stores, but even more so they are encountering apps through their everyday browsing. Build an app and then make it available on app stores and also through search engines, product pages, and e-mail blasts.

  1. Offer an Incentive

Once you’ve built your app, incentive-based download programs can help encourage users to take that initial step and download your app when they encounter it. Begin by driving clients towards the app by touting the benefits of the app through mobile communications such as your website and newsletters, traditional mail, text message, social media sites, or by any other means available. You can further incentivize downloads by offering promo codes, discounts, or freebies.

  1. Interact Routinely

Capturing the interest of a mobile consumer is only half the battle. Consistent engagement is one of the greatest challenges in today’s market. Fortunately something as simple as a reminder can greatly increase the customer retention rate. With busy days and a short attention span, it’s crucial to keep a customer coming back. Make your app useful during the purchase process, and remind users routinely with push notifications that remind the user when there is a sale, their checkout is incomplete, or new products are available.

Mobile purchases have become the new norm, and each and every business can take advantage of this avenue to increase sales and engage users wherever they may be. However, before you jump into a full-on mobile marketing campaign, it’s important to have sound data to guide your efforts.

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