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Online Market Research Panels

Finding the right respondents is the key to informative, reliable online research. With Luth Research you have a complete solution for online research services — from hosting, programming, and respondent recruitment to data processing and analytics.

SurveySavvy®: Engaged, active respondents deliver valuable research results. That’s the advantage of our proprietary SurveySavvy panel. Our patented system of referrals and cash rewards results in an ever growing, uniquely connected, global community that expands by more than 1,500 new members each day. The millions of SurveySavvy panel members are active, engaged and highly invested in the effectiveness of their community.

The SurveySavvy cash reward system acts as a built-in verification system by requiring a valid mailing address, and vSavvy™, our multi-dimensional process for eliminating bad data, to ensure accuracy. Plus, with SurveySavvy, you can easily get input from specialty, hard-to-reach respondents like healthcare and IT professionals.

Tap into the power of SurveySavvy

SavvyConnect: Gain deeper intelligence by tapping into online behavioral research among participants that have downloaded SavvyConnect, our free desktop tracking application. With this expanded perspective, you can gather aggregated digital data, including search activity, purchase behavior, website navigation and media consumed.

Dig Deeper with SavvyConnect

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