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Luth Research Announces New Member-Owned Panel

Introducing SavvyShares: A New Model for Monetizing Consumers’ Valuable Data and Opinions

SavvyShares is a member-owned consumer panel that compensates survey and digital data participants with shares in the company. These shares grow and pay dividends over time. Dividends are paid out to members annually, based on the profitability of the company so as SavvyShares succeeds, so do members. The more data members contribute, the more shares are earned.

The survey industry has changed significantly over the last several years. The move from traditional panels is just one of the evolutions we’ve experienced. We’ve also seen data privacy policies raised to restrict access to personal, private data captured by online platforms. In response to these changes and others, there’s now a new way for survey participants to invest in themselves. It’s called SavvyShares.

This unique model, registered with the U.S. SEC, activates member contribution and support to build value while also ensuring quality.

SavvyShares is a collaboration with panel member-owners. It allows them to make investments of data over time and share in the profits generated by that data stream.

Survey data will increase in value as privacy policies continue to limit data available from the large data collectors. Any shortage of data will severely stymie product innovation. SavvyShares (and SurveySavvy) ensures that consumer data and opinions continue to drive product development.

In addition to earning shares by completing surveys, members can also earn shares by contributing digital data. They do this by installing our proprietary app on mobile devices, laptops and desktops. Then, as members browse online, their activity is captured and research intelligence is gathered for our clients. Users can download the app for specific research projects or earn 20 shares per month per device as a VIP member.

SavvyShares is a member-owned data-sharing community that offers market intelligence to global brands, nonprofits, governments and others.

For more information or to sign up visit SavvyShares.com

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