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Your Guide to Holiday E-Commerce Trends

With holiday spending reaching over $600 billion dollars in recent years, now is the time consumers get out their credit cards and PayPal accounts, and really start hitting the stores. November and December both generate high website traffic and collect 30% more revenue from online shopping than any other months of the year. Not only that, but the average online retailer gets between 29 and 59% more customers during the holiday season – especially on the days between Black Friday and Christmas.   

The Industry Matters

Although holidays tend to be more lucrative for retail businesses in general, e-commerce doesn’t provide as large of a revenue push for every industry similarly across the board. There are definitely standouts by industry segment, most specifically in the apparel, accessories, computers, and electronics industries.

Mobile E-Commerce Is Making an Impact

There has been an increasing trend afoot as consumers move off their desktops and laptops and drift towards mobile purchases. In fact, according to a 2016 Custora E-Commerce Pulse Report, almost one third of online store visits are now coming from mobile devices. Additionally, store visitors have begun to use their mobile devices in tandem with their shopping trips; 86% of shoppers research products online then purchase them in store. Users are now referencing their smartphones in lieu of finding store employees to help them locate answers.

Even more interesting is how customers are getting from Point A to Point B. Social media is taking a backseat as email marketing pulls ahead, generating almost 20% of sales on mobile phones, with social media trailing behind at just over 2%. This is an intriguing result, considering that social media influences 34% of consumers to make an online purchase.

User Preferences Abound

Online consumers these days are looking for free shipping, the ability to buy online and pick up at the store location, the ability to shop and compare, daily deals, loyalty points, and access to exclusive discounts, products, and rewards.

Holiday e-commerce trends rely on a multitude of factors, but as the years go by we can see through routine analytics that mobile trends are rising, and specific industries are blossoming in the online holiday atmosphere. Almost half of consumers say that the internet is their preferred go-to holiday shopping venue. Shoppers in the digital age expect a quick and easy online shopping experience that is also more consistently available throughout the entirety of the 60-day holiday shopping season.

The Importance of Intelligent Analysis

There is time after each holiday season for every e-commerce business owner to sit back and analyze what worked and what could be improved upon in next year’s marketing plan. And critical analysis of the shopping habits of online users can shed light on many facets of user behavior.

For example, although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are traditionally large shopping days, they’re not the only contributors to holiday revenues. The entire 60-day holiday sprint offers a valuable window within which to gather greater revenue. In fact, a report by Adobe shows that only around 7% of e-commerce revenue can be attributed to Black Friday and Cyber Monday alone. Such insight as a result of careful analysis and effective data collection can help businesses build promotions and holiday campaigns that garner higher sales for as long as possible.

Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence offers the industry’s best passive monitoring technology on mobile and desktop devices. We track your target market over this significant period of time and combine digital insights with timely survey responses for unmatched data precision. Discover holiday shopping activity across major retail categories and platforms to understand where the path to purchase begins, peaks, and ends – both online and offline. With our revolutionary technology, you can find the “why” behind every buyer decision.

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