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Your Guide to Bleisure: Business Leisure Travel

It’s tough to find the time for a traditional vacation in today’s fast-paced world. The ever-growing demands of balancing both a family life and a work life don’t leave much space for people to ever fully disconnect. But what if you could build that much-needed rest and relaxation time into your business trips?

An exciting new trend is emerging among those who travel for work. “Bleisure” is the combination of both business and leisure activities while away on a business trip.  A recent study Luth conducted with Expedia Media Solutions showed that 67% of business travelers want to have the ability to extend their trip for leisure, proving that the bleisure concept is something now sought out by many busy professionals. And it makes sense really; if you have to travel for work, why not stay a little longer for your own enjoyment?

Introducing the Bleisure Traveler

A bleisure traveler is a professional who refuses to fall victim to the all-work-and-no-play grind that is often expected on business trips. The days of exhausting travel to distant locations, only to turn around and go back home within a matter of 36 hours, are coming to a quick and fortunate end. Bleisure travelers are planning ahead and choosing to add a few extra days before or after their meetings to explore their travel destinations.

And a bleisure trip doesn’t always have to mean flying solo. More and more professionals are bringing a guest along with them when they are sent somewhere interesting at home or abroad.  What was once nothing more than a joyless business assignment can now become a memorable trip for two or even the whole family.

How the Hospitality Industry Can Bank on Bleisure

Destinations are already beginning to benefit from the bleisure phenomenon, but marketers in the hospitality segment must focus on the unique requirements of this new breed of traveler to really take advantage of the trend.

It’s essential for the hotel and entertainment industry to understand the behaviors and travel habits of bleisure consumers. This means they should have a good grasp of who these people are, how they think, and what their specific travel needs will be. Bleisure travelers often look for lodgings that feel like home and need to be able to transition easily between the business and leisure parts of their trips. Some organizations offer pre-and post-event stays, as well as special group pricing, and activity planning. Reducing the legwork and ensuring balance for the bleisure traveler is key.

Mobile applications can also help bleisure travelers make the most of the brief time in their new destination by simplifying the traveling experience. Apps can assist visitors with anything from locating the nearest public transportation to finding restaurant reviews and must-see sights in their new environment.

But just adding these extra services isn’t enough. The new target market needs to be aware of them, too. Creating website content and visitor guides geared towards the bleisure traveler will not only encourage professionals to stick around for some fun, but it will also make it easier and much more enticing for them to do so.

Work travel had become a tiring lifestyle for many busy professionals. Fortunately, bleisure travel has taken away some of the stress of business trips, allowing them to become enjoyable vacation opportunities in new and exciting destinations. Bleisure travelers have a distinct set of needs and requirements, and it’s up to the industry to tailor their services to them.

Now that it really is possible to mix business and pleasure, why not let your company benefit from a better understanding of the bleisure movement? To download the full report from Expedia Media Solutions visit: http://bit.ly/bleisure-traveler


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