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Ad Effectiveness

There’s a better way to measure the effectiveness of your digital advertising beyond surveys and cookie tracking. Limitations with both yield inconsistencies and data gaps that add confusion and frustration to the teams responsible for determining ROI or proving ROI to advertising partners.

Digital tracking – which is not dependent on cookies or dropping pixels – has been used for years to understand how people use their PC, smart phone and tablet devices. We see what websites/apps they visit, time spent, search behavior, purchases….and the ads they view. ZQ Ad Momentum taps into this existing digital tracking technology to determine exposure to a digital ad campaign without relying on self-reported ad recall, time intensive cookie set up, or limitations on mobile.

Use digital tracking to accurately identify exposed respondents across PC and mobile digital campaigns. How it works:

  • Use client – provided campaign ad identifiers to match against ZQ Intelligence Digital Panel of 20,000- 30,000 people monthly
  • Exposed respondents are identified in the ZQ Intelligence Digital Panel
  • Similar sample of unexposed respondents are identified in the ZQ Intelligence Digital Panel
  • Administer custom survey including brand metrics relevant to the business and research objectives
  • Option to analyze digital behavior of exposed versus unexposed to determine if digital ad exposure drives desirable digital activity, like visiting advertiser website, time spent on advertiser website, search activity for the category and more
  • Analysis of survey and digital data offer robust and accurate ROI measurement


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