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Check Out Our 7 Most Popular Articles Published Around the Web

If you frequent our blog long enough, you’ll discover that we love talking about marketing and sharing our best research and tips. What you may not know is that our insights aren’t only reserved for our blog-readers. Our team regularly contributes to other sites to share our thoughts with other audiences.

Don’t miss our 7 most popular articles around the web.

1. What Is Airbnb Actually Doing to the Hospitality Industry?

Airbnb is a big name in the sharing economy and in the hospitality industry. There’s also a lot to be learned from their business model whether you’re in the business of hotel management or not. Our article on Hospitality and Catering News highlights the statistics showing the impact Airbnb has had on the hospitality industry in the past few years. Notably, New York hoteliers experienced a 1.6% room-rate decline in 2015, and that’s partially thanks to Airbnb. We go on to suggest some ways hotel managers can adapt to this changing market.

2. Are Consumers Really Becoming Less Loyal? Let’s Look at The Evidence…

Customer loyalty is a factor in every industry. But recent rumors suggest that as well as changing their shopping habits, customers have also become less loyal. The stats show that this simply isn’t the case. In fact, in 2015 the automotive industry saw brand loyalty hit a 10-year high. At MyCustomer, we explore brand loyalty trends and then look at ways you can win customer loyalty in any industry.

3. 3 Vital Steps for Marketing Your Business

Every business needs a marketing strategy. While everyone’s marketing plan will look different based on their industry and company goals, every marketing strategy should start with the same three steps. In this article on The Business Journals, we discuss what these steps are and give tips on how to accomplish them.

4. How to Turn Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Creating brand ambassadors can be a huge turning point for your business. Not only do pleased customers act as brand ambassadors, but so can employees. These employees have audiences of their own and can act as an effective marketing tool and even earn rewards for doing so. At The Business Journals, we talk about the importance of brand ambassadors before highlighting different companies and programs that have seen success.

5. A Quick Start Guide to Creating a Data-Driven Marketing Program

Data and marketing go hand-in-hand. By analyzing your company’s and customer data, you can market more effectively. The problem? 89% of executives feel data-illiterate. In this piece on tech.co, we explain why data literacy is important and detail the steps you can take to create an effective data-driven marketing plan that will shed light on your marketing success and ROI.

6. The Key to Corporate Authenticity

Corporate authenticity is crucial in today’s world. Customers value honesty and integrity and want to work with companies that share their values. In our article on Customer Think, we discuss why corporate authenticity is important and give five tips on how to establish authenticity in your own business. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s something to be learned from responding to customer’s desires – especially when it comes to transparency and honesty.

7. How To Drive Your Website Design Strategy Using Demographic Data

Here at Luth Research, we love looking at demographic data, and we think you should, too. When it comes to designing your website, you shouldn’t ignore your target audience’s demographics. At Business.com, we talk about why demographic data is important and provide a list of questions you should ask yourself to guide your website design. As long as your company has a website – and it should! – you’ll want to check out this article.

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