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Category: Whitepapers

De-Identification: A Pragmatic Way to Solve for Data Privacy

With data privacy on everyone’s mind it is important to understand your options when it comes to gathering multi-faceted market research insights.  This whitepaper delves into a pragmatic approach for data integration and anonymization with rigorous adherence to data privacy.

Examining The Battle For Online Shoppers: Amazon vs. Walmart

Amazon and Walmart are the heavyweights of online retail and ecommerce grocery shopping. But how is that battle faring? We recently pulled the curtain back on these two dominant retailers. Using ZQ Intelligence™ to precisely track every visit and click people make on computer, phone and tablet, we've uncovered patterns based on regions, product categories and web store design to provide better insight into optimizing your customers' purchase journey.

Unlock Your Imagination for Digital Data

The definition of digital data can be elusive, depending on whom you talk to. Digital measurement and digital data become an increasingly relevant source of insights for gathering market intelligence and conducting market research. Its definition and scope warrant a closer examination.

This whitepaper looks at the common types of digital data in current research practices and eliminates where they differ. Of equal importance, it clarifies the breadth and depth of digital data beyond the basic KPIs or URLs that marketers and researchers have become accustomed to - and therefore are limited by.

Mapping the Intricate Paths to Purchase in Big Digital Data

Today’s marketers and brand managers have access to a wealth of diverse digital data from partners ranging from research companies, data brokers, to advertising networks. The advent of accessible digital behavior data in recent years has meant that we no longer have to rely on recall to understand how consumers move about the web as they make their purchase decision.

Five Truths About Consumer Path To Purchase

In this paper we are using a path to purchase study for computer shopping as an example to illustrate several key insights based on passive metering of consumer behaviors. While these insights are particularly pertinent to the computer category, we have observed similar trends across a multitude of categories: automotive, grocery/beverages, computer, beauty, video games and hotel. These trends are emerging from a library of research studies conducted using Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence™ technology.

The State Of Digital Ad Measurement

The ad spending figures continue to climb for total ad spending and digital ad spending. According to eMarketer, ad investments the U.S. alone will see an average annual growth rate of over 5%, reaching $180 billion in 2018. These numbers tell the significance of getting it right in advertising.

Dawn of a Social Media Trend?

What motivates the social media interactions of millennials? How are they changing? What are the drivers? How do you profit? Luth's whitepaper "Dawn of a Social Media Trend? Revelations from Butter, a new social media app" explains how we can answer these key questions.

Tracking Digital Ads: Facing Up to the Challenges

Digital advertising measurement technologies have evolved significantly in recent years. As the industry responsible for quantifying the value of advertising, we have advanced from earlier paradigms, including last-click attribution. However, the practice is not getting easier as the current ecosystems in which ad measurement research take place are laden with fragmented technological capabilities, non-standardized metrics, and varying privacy concerns.

Embracing Big Data to Understand Path to Purchase

The aim of this paper is to forge a middle ground for research; combining digital behavior data with surveys to explore how Big Data in the form of digital information is used when a consumer is embarking on a purchase.

Turbo Charge Your Survey Insights

Learn how a popular online retailer added consumer digital behavior data to traditional survey. The result was a set of newly discovered insights that immediately informed marketing, operational and merchandising strategies. By leveraging its single-source digital behavior research panel with survey overlay capability, Luth Research enables brands and businesses to bring together this integrated intelligence. This current whitepaper will reveal best practices and pitfalls in combining behavioral data and survey data.

Are You Seeing The Full Digital Picture?

Find out how monitoring your customers’ entire online journey, not just the last click, can change your ad effectiveness measurement. This whitepaper reviews the three compelling metrics that you should be using in order to measure true ad effectiveness.

Adding Behavior Metrics to Marketing ROI Measurement

A clear ROI is what marketers and publishers are seeking for their own brands or their clients’ brands. In this whitepaper learn how tracking consumers’ online behaviors, in addition to traditional survey metrics, provides enhanced clarity to the marketing outcome. A ZQ Digital Tribe™ case study is shared where respondents were recruited and tracked while they interacted with a new website. Significant lifts in ROI was shown when behavioral tracking was included into the mix of measures.

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