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Call Center Pivots During Covid

Did you know that Luth Research call center is now remote?  We made significant changes to accommodate business during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure safety was met for our employees during this unfortunate time.

The Call Center

Ours is a well-established call center that offers clients high-quality data collection and research assistance. Our team of data specialists can help you formulate questionnaires and research plans to get the data your company needs.

The call center has been providing accurate consumer research data to customers for over 40 years. The research center has successfully completed thousands of consumer research projects. Because it is located in the United States, it’s easier to communicate with customers and consumers for research purposes.

We have fully implemented top-of-the-line work-from-home computer-assisted telephone interviewing CATI stations so interviewers can remain safe during and after the pandemic and communicate from home. We completely pivoted from a brick-and-mortar call center to fully remote in response to the pandemic. Luth Research values both customers and employees; know that your concerns will always be our priority.


All of the interviewers at the Luth Research call center are well trained. They are specially trained on how to reach people that are generally difficult to contact and communicate with. Using the Luth Research call center, you can have access to many populations, including people from the medical community, corporate management, and minorities.

What the Call Center Offers

When you come to us with a project, we will take the time to make sure it is formatted to fit your needs. If you are looking for information on a specific consumer type, we can help you broaden your search to capture data from additional potential consumers.

We only use the best consumer lists that are sourced from our proprietary clients and from premier list providers in the industry. In addition to our lists, you will also have access to data from the SurveySavvy® online panel and our newly added SavvyShares,  the first member-owned panel offering equity for data. This offers you multiple ways to obtain your data.

Both panels can be used to supplement the data you gain from this type of research study. We only collect data from consumers willing to share. All consumers are made aware of the data collection taking place and compensated for their time.

You are provided with an account portal where you can see your data collection results in real-time. No waiting for emailed reports; you can view it all online right away.

How Can I Use the Luth Research Call Center?

Give us an outline of what you would like to have done, and we will get back to you with a detailed research plan and outlook. We can spend as much or as little time as you need to collect data for your project.

Contact us to learn more.

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