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Answers to 5 FAQs About Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence

Companies are forced to adapt to continuous changes in consumers’ needs, desires, and behaviors to remain competitive. The difficulty, though, is being able to track those changes as they relate to your specific consumer-base. Thankfully, Luth Research’s proprietary technology makes this possible.

Luth Research offers ZQ Intelligence™, a cross-platform digital measurement software which tracks consumers’ digital behavior and generates actionable reports of the data. By understanding when, where, why, and how consumers interact with your brand, you can make informed decisions about your business’ future and maximize your potential for success.

To learn more about the value ZQ Intelligence can bring to your company, look at some of our responses to these five frequently asked questions.

How does ZQ Intelligence Work?

ZQ Intelligence passively tracks individuals who have voluntarily downloaded the software onto their smartphones, tablets, and/or personal computers. The data collected from that tracking then gets compiled into custom reports or a client-specific dashboard. You can track metrics related to ads within mobile apps, video content within apps, title-level video data from YouTube, and more. With ZQ Intelligence at your disposal, your company can pinpoint what makes your consumers tick. You can also survey a sample while simultaneously tracking them, which allows you to draw conclusions from the connection between consumers’ thoughts and their actions.

Do People Change their Behavior When They are Tracked?

Consumers may receive a small incentive in exchange for their permission to be tracked, they may have a desire to help brands and publishers so their own needs will be better served, or they might participate just to be an early adopter of the latest technology. This tracking agreement is mutually beneficial, and working with Luth, clients gain access to a sample of more than 20,000 individuals.

What Metrics Can ZQ Intelligence Provide?

ZQ Intelligence can provide a number of metrics about consumers’ online behavior, including:

  • Visits to and time spent on specific websites and apps
  • Time pattern analysis looking at days of the week and time of day people visit specific websites and apps
  • Before and after analysis looking at where consumers go before and after they visit a specific website or app
  • Search behaviors indicating when people search and what terms they key into the search
  • Lists of the top sites and apps a specific sample visits

Does the Technology Capture In-App Customer Purchases as Well?

Once purchase behavior patterns are defined, ZQ Intelligence can track purchase metrics on more than 150 of the most well-known online retailers. With interpreted data from shopping cart activities and credit card submissions, Luth Research can determine unique indicators of purchases. ZQ Intelligence does not automatically track total dollars spent or specific items purchased, but this information can be gleaned from surveys.

What Can You Do With Your Newly Acquired Customer Data?

There are endless ways to use the data collected from ZQ Intelligence — here are just a few examples:

  • Identify factors that both deter and motivate consumer purchases
  • Target desired audiences by gaining insights into behavior, preference, and location
  • Determine how consumers use mobile vs. tablet vs. PC to interact with your brand
  • Ensure your digital advertisements are on the most appropriate websites
  • Plan a new product or service that your customers will love

Luth Research’s ability to deliver the consumer data your company craves comes from decades of market research expertise, a revolutionary piece of software, and a large participant sample.

For more information about ZQ Intelligence and digital tracking, take a look at Luth’s in-depth e-book available here.

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