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5 of Our Favorite Posts from 2016 with Original Data

Here at Luth Research, we love data. Last year, we filled our blog with 34 brilliant blog posts highlighting topics that ranged from advertising and e-commerce to mobile data. This year, we cast our minds back and came up with a list of 5 of our favorite posts from 2016 that use our original data. Check them out below and discover more about consumer behavior.

1. Insights About PC Purchasing

In this set of data, we looked at shoppers’ buying habits before purchasing a PC. Aimed at computer and tech retailers, we showed both online and offline buyer behavior. We found that consumers use online shopping to search for PC details and deals, but they’re willing to travel to the physical store to test the PCs out themselves.

Data Highlights:

  • It takes a customer an average of 4 months to complete their purchasing journey when buying a PC.
  • 61% of people use search engines to research PCs rather than going straight to a retailer’s website.
  • 70% of people will plan a trip to a retailer to browse PCs and will return an average of 4 times before making their purchase.

2. Pokémon Go Adoption Rate [Graphic]

In July of last year, we gathered data from our digital panel of over 10,000 mobile users to get a better picture of the Pokémon Go phenomenon. Though excitement about the augmented reality game has since died down in 2017, the data is still incredibly relevant. Mobile app developers can learn a thing or two about the mobile app adoption rates of one of the fastest-adopted apps in history.

Data Highlights:

  • A mere 5 days after its release, Pokémon Go hit a 9.7% adoption rate among mobile users.
  • Android phone users were the quickest adopters, but iPhone users rapidly caught on in the days following its release.
  • At the time we published our data, approximately 3 weeks after the app’s release, iOS users were spending 35% more time on Pokémon Go than they were on Facebook.

3. Clinton vs. Trump [Graphic]

In 2016, we took a look at who was visiting the leading presidential nominees’ websites. Although a site visitor doesn’t equate to a supporter of that particular nominee, it was still interesting to see who was viewing each candidate on their campaign track.

Data Highlights:

  • Over the 90-day period we tracked, the average age of people visiting Clinton’s site was 49, whereas the average age of people visiting Trump’s site was 40.
  • Clinton’s visitors were mostly female, while Trump’s were male.
  • A higher percentage of Trump’s visitors made over $50,000 per year, and a lower percentage made less than $15,000 per year compared to Clinton’s website visitors.

4. Healthy Happenings [Infographic]

If you’re in the health field, you’ll want to check out the infographic we published last year detailing the health-related activity of mobile and PC users across the nation.

Data Highlights:

  • 74% of PC users search the web for health topics, compared to 67% of mobile users.
  • The most-searched healthcare topic is health conditions.
  • MyFitnessPal, a calorie counter and diet tracker, is the top health mobile app.

5. Stats to Guide Your Retail Marketing Strategy This Holiday Season

The holiday season is perhaps the most important time of the year in retail. Last year, we reviewed the previous year’s holiday shopping data to help retail companies make more informed decisions for 2016. Even though the festive season is still months away, taking stock of data from years prior will help you prepare for your holiday marketing in 2017.

Data Highlights:

  • In 2015, online holiday shopping sales grew by 9%.
  • The majority of online holiday shoppers were between 25 and 44 years old.
  • Cyber Monday shoppers are more likely to shop on their computer than on their mobile devices.

With so much fascinating original data from last year, it’s difficult to decide our absolute favorite post from 2016. Are you inspired to start collecting data to improve your company’s effectiveness?

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