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Celebrating our CEO, Roseanne Luth, this Mother’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating our CEO, Roseanne Luth. Not only is she a trailblazer in the market research industry, but she’s also an amazing mother and grandmother. Here is a bit of her story.

Roseanne’s daughter and Luth’s VP of Marketing said, “during the early days of building Luth Research, my mom worked very hard. With two children in grade school, she had to juggle a lot. While most of my friend’s moms were stay-at-home moms, I wondered why my mom had to work. I wanted her to stay home. But as I grew up, my feelings toward her work changed to respect. It is not easy to build a company and build a family but she did it with such grace.”

Besides the resistance from her daughter to be a stay-at-home mom, Roseanne also found push back in the male-dominant business world. When she was the first woman to gain membership in the San Diego Executives Association, her reception wasn’t exactly a warm one in front of 400 men. “Everyone in the room stopped talking,” she remembers. “When I got up to the podium, not one man was smiling. They were not happy.” When she became the group’s president six years later she was the one smiling. Her own brother once told her she should stay home and take care of her children.

Roseanne knew she had to succeed to overcome the biases. She had to prove herself every step of the way and is now seen as a leader and innovator in the market research field with many (men included) coming to her for advice and guidance.

Her two daughters, both working at Luth, are able to experience her success first hand. They have learned that hard work pays off and trusting your gut and taking calculated risks combined with persistence, vision, and expertise is what is needed to break through barrier after barrier. A wonderful gift to give your children.

We wish all of our clients, colleagues, and working moms everywhere a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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